About Us


Swift Skills Academy (Pty) Ltd is centrally situated to the marine, petro chemical and engineering industries and is a member of the Swift Holding Group of Companies that includes; Swift Human Resources (Pty) Ltd and Swift Careers (Pty) Ltd.


The training academy serves as an invaluable need to these industries; developing skills for projects related to applied techniques within welding and fabrication industry.


Since its inception, our training academy has been targeted to offer training courses in advanced welding and problem-solving techniques.


We also offer business administration and soft skills training to further equip and enhance administration  capabilities in the engineering and business sectors.


Playing a critical within industry, we ensure a constant turnover of new learners, facilitating learner adsorbtion by companies and employment opportunities in the broader mainstream economy.


We strive to enhance, uplift and continuously improve the quality of our Education and Training products with the commitment of creating "a better future for all"

Our Vision


“To be a leader in training by focussing on skills development in the engineering and manufacturing sector thus creating a better future for all"



Our Mission


To develop and train highly sought after artisans in the welding industry. It is our aim and our goal to improve and increase skills within the manufacturing sector and business areas. We want to provide quality training that is linked to the skills development needs in South Africa.


To the learner:- It is the ethos of Swift Skills Academy to provide  “YOU THE LEARNER” with the highest quality training and service delivery irrespective of your background, skills or experience.


To the client:- We are committed to the highest level of client satisfaction by developing and providing solutions for your requirements, delivering high quality services, delivering on time and striving to improve continuously.

We aim to consistently provide innovative extraordinary training and services to significantly raise the standard of training and consulting in South Africa.

swift skills academy head office

Message From CEO


Welcome to our website. Whilst you browsing our site we wish you every success with your professional career.


At Swift Skills Academy we believe that each learner and employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company.


During your time spent at the Training Academy we endeavor to define the conduct of our most important asset, our learners and employees, who we believe is the key to our companies’ continuing comparative advantage in all the business fields we operate and will operate in.


Swift Skills Academy and its partners, is committed to the responsible and creative use of human resources. We endeavour to define the conduct of our most important asset , our employees, who we believe is the key to our companies’ continuing comparative advantage in all the business fields we operate and will operate in.


In answering the question of what would make our employees vital to our success, we are guided by our:-Corporate Culture. Our culture in thoughts, words and deeds is the  conduct  of  behaviour  that  we  aspire  for  all  our  employees  to  manifest  in  their  day-to-day undertakings in our company.


As embedded in our mission statement, this behaviour is guided by the following sets of virtues we adhere to.




Love For Work        


Family Spirit             



Personal Integrity 

Thank you for visiting our website

Arshaad Obaray