Completing a double joint pipe using the Sub Arc Welding (SAW) process.


A look at Double Jointing pipe. This video shows, setup, the Bead, and the Hot Pass. After the Hot Pass is complete this double jointed pipe is sent off to the Sub Arc for completion. This pipe is going to be used in a Pipeline and will cut down the number of field we...




We have become so focused in trying to get into the corner office we forgot how to build the corner office




An Introduction of Tig welding and its components



After 20 years it has been approved for the market. It is now much smaller and more portable. It burns hot enough to neutralize toxic and radioactive waste, can be used as a power source for things like cars, homes heating and water purification yet it wont burn yo...


This video highlights Boiler Makers. Henry Kizziah gives insight on what Boil Makers do and what sparked his interest in choo

sing his career.


This video highlights welders. John Holman, a welder, gives viewers insight into the welding field and shows how important it is in other areas of construction.








This video clearly demonstrates that welding need  not necessarily have to occure the way we conventionally accustomed to.


Have a look at Friction Welding.


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