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Quite often individuals have a poor interpretation in regards to Employment Equity . . Oftentimes this is influenced by a lack of knowledge about the prerequisites of the Employment Equity Act ( “EEA” ) and appalling implementation of the
stipulations . Our objective at Swift Skills Academy is to simplify EEA in order to

provide you with functional solutions and therefore methods to execute them .


EE is all about advocating equal opportunity and therefore equitable

treatment for all the human resources by doing away with unfair

discrimination in policy and practices of the stipulated employer .


This prohibition of unfair discrimination is regardless of the workers

ethnicity , gender, social situations, language , customs , religious

beliefs , and so forth .


Equality at work may be accomplished by means of Affirmative

Practice measures like for example helping to make agreeable

accommodation for well suited Competent personal from

designated groupings wherein they are under-represented in

certain types of job as well as where openings take place due to

( available vacancies , resignations , promotions ) they are required

to being considered .


This could incorporate approaches for instance opting for training programs and advancement opportunity , identifying of obstacles that are present for specified groupings ( referred to as Blacks( Africans , Coloureds , Indians ) ; Females as well as People who have disabilities ) .


Swift Skills Academy's  training programs and consultation expertise facilitates potential clients to educate employees and additionally management the same way: - about how exactly to approach EEA and therefore how to successfully put it into practice .We are therefore able to provide assistance in setting up your Employment Equity Committee , drafting your Employment Equity,- pertaining policies and thus making sure of compliance with the several submitting prerequisites . Voluntary Legal Compliance Audits :The Employment Equity ( EE ) Lawful Compliance Audit is a sure way by which we could pro-actively enable you to make certain you are achieving the very least standards as well as support you to fullfil your targets and goals .


employment equity consulting cape town
employment equity consulting cape town
employment equity consulting cape town
employment equity consulting cape town
What is employment equity


The Act was established in 1998 to address unfair discrimination and ensure equality in the work place.

 Its aim is to promote equal opportunities and fair treatment to all and to implement measures to protect those disadvantaged in the past by unfair discrimination.

In terms of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1988, a business entity that employs more than 50 people or has an annual turnover exceeding the prescribed threshold, must complete an EE report and submit it to the Department of Labour.


Organisations with fewer than 50 employees might also need to comply with the Act, depending on the annual turnover.


The National Defence Force, National Intelligence Agency and South African Secret Service are excluded.

Designated groups are blacks (Africans, Coloureds and Indians), women and people with disabilities.



Dangers Of Not Submitting An Employment Equity Report !

The Employment Equity Commission is taking action against companies who fail to comply with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act?


Affirmative action is politically sensitive. The adverse publicity that accompanies the mere complaint that an employer is not complying with the affirmative action provisions can tag the employer as racist, sexist, anti-democratic or counter-revolutionary.


Penalty for not having an Employment Equity Plan Penalty in accordance with Schedule 1, if a designated Employer fails to prepare or implement an Employment Equity Plan in terms of this section. PENALTY R 1 500 000 or 2% of turnover to R 2 700 000 or 10% of turnover.


The Labour Court is further entitled to issue financial penalties for such non-compliance, ranging from R100,000 to R500,000 and up to R900,000 for repeated non compliance.

Why Use
Swift Skills Academy To Manage Your Employment Equity ?

Our Service is aimed at those organisations who do not have the time or capacity resources to drive the process ..


Our strengths lie in mobilizing your organization with the support for general legal compliance, whilst enabling your obligations to procedural requirements in Transformation, Diversity , EE and related Acts.

Consultation pertaining to Occupational levels;

Consultation, Completion and submission of your EEA2 report:

Consultation, Completion of an Employment Equity Plan to comply with the Employment Equity Act:

Assist and/or advice with employment equity plan development and implementation.


Implementation of an EE Forum.


Aligning policies and procedures


EE Training



































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