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Successfully pass your Department of Labour Inspection !

What does the law say about First Aid Training?


In accordance with types of conditions presented in the General Safety Regulations to the Occupational Health and Safety Act ( Act 85 of 1993 ) , along with condition for your business to successfully pass a Department of Labour review , 5% of the work force on job at any given time need to be trained in First Aid by an organisation which is an accredited service provider .


Make an investments just 2 days,-- and no more than R741, 00 for complete peace-of-mind with our  Skills Academy situated in Killarney Gardens


Why choose us our First Aid Training?


• We are a fully accredited merSETA training provider

• Work with highly trained and qualified health and safety  instructors who are committed to your success

• Learn and practice our First Aid course in a safe and professional environment

• All learning is Unit Standard based and accredited first aid training

• Receive a First Aid certificate, valid for two years, upon successful completion of the course.

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First Aid Level 1 (2 days)

First aid training Level 1 is the platform for individuals expected to assess emergency situations as well as providing necessary Life Support as well as basic First Aid in order to stabilize patients before arrival of Emergency Services .


People who have been through our First Aid Level Training 1 would be able to: have shown a comprehension of emergency scene management , and also demonstrate a grasp of elementary anatomy as well as physiology , gauge an emergency scenario , administer First Aid measures to a life-threatening situation as well as attend to common injuries .


Swift Skills Academy guarantees a SETA-accredited First Aid Training Level 1 pogram . The program is offered on a monthly basis at our head office in Cape Town but could be scheduled in other regions in cases where the demand is large enough .

Course Content:

Emergency scene management


Primary survey

Secondary survey

Sample History


Anatomy & physiology


First aid procedures



Recovery Position

Abdominal Thrust


Emergency situation instances & common


personal injury


Electric shock


Heart attack


Shock (circulatory)







Entrance eligibility criteria:

Leaner will need to have a good comprehension of English Rudimentary reading, writing as well as mathematical skill sets are essential .



1 1/2 – 2 days (depending on the size of the group), a light lunch is provided.


R741.00 per person subject to change enquire now


Completion of workbook.
Practical display of first aid understanding


Swift Skills Academy Certificate (registered with Department of  Labour).



Head Office Unit 2  Killarney Park,  1 Silverstone Road , Killarney Gardens, Cape Town 7441




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