Seta Accreditation Services


SAQA defines accreditation as:


“The official certifications normally for a specified timeframe, of a individual, a body or

rather an establishment having capability to perform a specific functionality

in the quality assurance program put in place by the South African

Qualifications Authority.”


Accreditation is granted to organizations who promote

outcomes-based educational courses in line to the NQF subscribed

unit standards as well as qualifications. It is presented to a service

provider, normally for a time period of three years.


Accreditation should also be viewed as an audit procedure of the

provider’s quality system along with the training program which

may be provided . It helps to ensure that training as well as

assessments lead to the nationally recognized credits, and so

ultimately in the achievements of a formalised qualification.











Seta Accreditation | Seta Services, seta registration
Seta Accreditation, Seta Services, seta registration
Benefits of SETA Accreditation
Seta Accreditation, Seta Services, seta registration

Seta Accreditation


Training centres, organisations need to obtain accreditation with

SETA's so as to be able to provide accredited training.


One of the SAQA criteria states that the organisation seeking accreditation must have a quality management system.


What are the benefits of SETA accreditation



Credibility for you in the SA skills development market.


Training courses carry weight because they are accredited by SETA – an external body


The company receiving training from an accredited training provider, can claim back from the Skills Development Levy Fund.


Organisations using accredited training companies earn BEE points.


Training providers can use their SETA logo on their marketing material.


Credibility – accreditation indicates that your training organisation offers high-quality training and has excellent management principles and processes in place


Affordability for companies that use your training programmes – they can capture your training on their mandatory grant claim; .






























Why Use

Us To Get Your

Seta Accreditation ?

All our facilitators careers has started or passed through a Seta before,- and therefore knows exactly whats expected.


Obtaining a SETA accreditation for your training company feels daunting or impossible


We have a template QMS with all the required template documents. We work hand in hand with the organisation taking the generic templates and making them specific for the client.


We assist in completing the required SSETA documentation We conduct awareness workshops to familiarise all staff as to what a QMS is.


We attend the certification audit.


We can assist in maintaining the QMS by conducting internal audits on behalf of the organisation..


At Swift Skills Academy we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to make the process quick and as painless as possible .
































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