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A Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) is a person appointed by a business organisation to act as a go-between the relevant company and Seta.


The Skills Development Act and additionally Skills Development Levies Act , necessitates and requires all businesses and organizations with a aggregate total annual payroll of R500 000 and perhaps over,- to register and enlist for Skills Development Levies ( SDL )

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Enable the proceeding continuing advancement & development of workers in the business organization and in addition the procedures as well as the strategies of the business equally similarly and thus equitably/fairly.

Obtain the sources of information to accredit and thus appraise learnerships as well as skills programs in the business .

Acquire and Obtain the sources of information data to authorize and accredit thus appraise and assess learnerships as well as skills programs in the business organization.

Give advice to the employees as well as the employing company on external as well as in-house skills approaches in addition to the improvements of the skills development of the business enterprise .

Be a training committee advisory leader and in this way thus steer and control the process of organizational skills development and furthermore staff improvement & development .

Function in a capacity as a skills development facilitating administration and also a twofold check of all related SETA research material before submission.

Setting up a training committee group .

Put forward proposal and Recommendation to the organization on the quality assurance prerequisites pertaining to the applicable SETA.

Function in the capacity as the contact(go-to) person facilitating between the business enterprise endeavor as well as the outside Skills development facilitator and then obviously of course the related SETA.

Chair the skills development planning committee/panel or otherwise known as the training committee.

Help with the execution and development or improvement of a performance management system for the business concerned where little or zero performance management strategy administration is in existence.

Realize and bring about all the organization policies inline and with in agreement to the rules and guidelines as laid down by the Skills Development Act.

Improve and Execute an individual development pathway for all staff members/individuals, and additionally the skills component and thus learning pathway for all staff members.

Establish and set up a portfolio of evidence [POE] for all staff which may undergo training in the organization.

Set up and establish all the key performance areas in accordance and inline with training and development for execution of overall performance management system or framework. .

Complete the workplace skills plan, interim training reports as well as annual training reports and hold  up and lodge  to the appropriate SETA within specified industry, before the due date.

Formalize the qualification of staff members and individuals by method and acknowledgment of recognition of prior learning [RPL].

Train currently employed workers with the sole purpose of applying for the skills development levies from related SETA within sector.

Register the Learnership Training programs/projects by preparing and training staff as well and in addition for unemployed individuals as well.

Claim their skills development levies from their SETA and in addition furthermore apply for the Tax rebates as stipulated for Learnerships .

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The benefits of Skills Development Facilitation

Authoritive capacity (Middle to Senior Management)


Highly Experience (Aged between 35 and 65 years)


Integrety and Credibility


Assertiveness in their choden field


Flexibility and think fast on their feet


Highly Organised


Self developer and initiative


Self motivator and self starter


Problem solver and can do mentality


Highly Supportive


Empathic and Sensitive


Able verbal communicator


Must come from an organisational background


In most instances has a training background


A Human resource development background goes hand in hand.


In many instances they have a financial background


Must have natural Leadership abilities


Have developmental interest 


Idealy very Experience and (Aged between 35 and 65 years)



With the best suited facilitation skills and therefore good development procedure businesses and organizations will manage to benefit from Skills Development in the following ways :

Making investment in your staff members can certainly enhance worker morale .

Increased training programs can result in raised overall performance .

A business entity could apply for and as much as 60% of SDL funds paid in a year back from the SETA .

An engaged and therefore motivated labor force enjoying increased job satisfaction , considerably higher motivation and thus morale .

Greatly reduced absenteeism and so workforce turnover .

Reduce recruiting expenditures
Enhanced productiveness as well as performance .

Better risk management system in potentially highly litigious areas along the lines of sexual harassment and therefore diversity .

A positive position of difference for potential customers exploring new partners/suppliers .

A optimistic position of difference for recruits .

The right visible demonstration of just how well prepared you happen to be to invest in individual development for foreseeable future successes will undoubtedly be crucial for drawing top notch talent to your doors .


Skills Development levy, Department of labour