Soft Skills

soft skills
soft skills
soft skills

Communication Training



Verbal communication skills are essential in a business environment both formally and informally. Whether in a meeting, addressing a colleague or making a presentation, this course provides you with the skills to home in on issues, organise ideas, reduce preparation and response time and handle awkward questions.  


This practical course will dramatically improve your oral communication skills, enabling you to get your point across concisely, persuasively and memorably. This course contains group activities, one to one exercises, scenarios and role play  





soft skills

Business Writing


The programme is designed to provide learners with the ability to follow a process in writing texts required in business.


It is intended to promote clear, unambiguous communication in plain language and to improve the quality of written letters and other texts that are specific to a business environment.


This business writing course will enable learners to recognise and effectively apply modern textual conventions.









soft skills

Business Skills


Through our Business Acumen workshop your participants will improve their judgment and decisiveness skills.


Business Acumen is all about seeing the big picture and recognizing that all decisions no matter how small can have an effect on the bottom line. Your participants will increase their financial literacy and improve their business sense.

Business Acumen will give your participants an advantage everyone wishes they had. The workshop will help your participants recognize learning events, manage risk better, and increase their critical thinking. Business Acumen has the ability to influence your whole organization, and provide that additional edge that will lead to success.






Conflict management skills



The programme is designed to identify and manage the resolution of personal conflict between individuals or teams.


The main focus is on the workplace, although the same principles can be used elsewhere.


Business teams and leaders are equipped with a range of skills and strategies which will help them to manage and resolve the inevitable conflicts which are part of any business process.  









Learning strategies


The aim of this program is to assist qualifying candidates to develop learning strategies and techniques to assist them with managing their own learning.


The program will enable them to demonstrate an understanding of the types of learning resources, learning and assessment methods and

techniques available.


It will help them identify, evaluate and select what is appropriate to their needs when in consultation with their education and training provider.

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