Welding, brazing, gas cutting together with fabrication demands highly competent welders which are adequetly trained in the using of oxyacetylene, arc Welding, Tig Welding, Saiw, Co2 Welding, Mig Welding.


By means of welding courses a welder will be appropriately conversant with proper interpretation and setup techniques and processes meeting all the required standards demanded by industry.


Specialising in all metal types this only happens with proper Training Courses delivered at Swift Skills Academy the best welding school not just in Cape Town,- but the rest of South africa.


With our accredited Welding Training you can be guaranteed of welding jobs knowing that you will be in possesion of a highly recognized welding certification.

Learn the basic processes of oxyacetylene and arc welding, plus specialized skills that include:

    Pattern layout
    Characteristics of materials

Career paths in welding include:

    Artistic welding such as metal sculpture, decorative ironwork and garden furniture
    Construction and manufacturing
    Distribution and sales
    Teaching in high schools, trade schools or community colleges
    Technical sales

    And even the hobby welder

Whether you take just one welding course or earn a qualification, you’ll gain knowledge of techniques to fire up your ability to work with materials . Our vocational training courses together with our highly trained and qualified course facilitator will thus ensure our welding courses gives you a top notch qualification giving you the best chance in whatever welding job.

Welding Courses | Welding Schools

welding courses
welding courses
welding courses
welding courses

Gas Brazing

This Welding courses will address students in the auto mechanics, air conditioning, diesel mechanic, auto electrician orientated type industry and various manufacturing processes in whatever trade you need to achieve job related skills training in South Africa where joining of materials is necessary by using the gas brazing process

Copper Brazing, Silver solder, - soldering is a method of fabricating tubing that renders the connection largely leak tight. In the process of joining tube ends, high temperature cause an "annealing" of tubing, which allows the localized area to become slightly softer at area of which may be fused



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Gas Welding 


Training course much like this will deal with individuals in the Automotive , Engineering ,


And Manufacturing space ,- our welding schools will be able to enable to assist with this vocational training course by our  training welding institute in and around South Africa,


Of the various types of welding particularly in this case oxy acetylene welding used in the joining and the repair of materials by the use of gas welding techniques




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Gas Cutting


This program will focus on all persons in the automotive, or metal trades.


To achieve relevant skills where the cutting of metals facilitated by means of gas cutting process which is the process to cut metals using a cutting torch.


Oxy cutting is in high demand in South Africa.


In addition the safe use of gas cylinders and cutting torch is also the big focus.



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welding courses
welding courses
welding courses

Arc Welding



Shielded metal arc welding SMAW, which also known as manual metal arc welding.


Here you'll be exposed to the use of the following,- Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Stick Welding, Flux Cored Welding, Coded welded training.





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Mig Welding


Gas metal arc welding GMAW that could be in certain cases typically known as metal inert gas MIG welding otherwise often known as metal active gas ( MAG ) welding .

It is a welding practice through which an electric powered arc forms between a consumable
a wire electrode together with the work-piece metals , which heats the workpiece metal( s ) , which causes them to melt , thereby join . MIG welding is as a general rule made use of in fabrication shops where production is high




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Tig Welding


TIG may be utilized to weld titanium, copper, even two completely dissimilar metals, and is therefore excellent for very tight and tricky welds, example s-curves, welds on round things etc

Gas tungsten arc welding which is shortened for short GTAW , also known  as tungsten inert gas TIG,  welding , now this you may want to know,- is an arc welding process that makes use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode to help produce the weld .

The weld spot is shielded from the atmospheric contamination by means of an an inert shielding gas,  which is called argon or helium, and a filler metal is then generally put to use , though various welds , this is also typically known as autogenous welds.




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