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Welding Courses & Skills Facilitator Consulting

Busines Divisions


welding programs

Skilled trades are always in demand, and welding is no exception. You can expect the training you get from welding programs at Swift Skills Academy to help your transition easily into an apprenticeship, and ultimately the workforce.


The practical welding training is aimed at all skills - From beginners, The Inexperienced to Highly experienced welders lacking formal qualifications.


Training is adjusted to suit various individual requirements regarding the following

Shielded Metal Arc, Gas Metal Arc, Gas Tungsten Arc, And Flux Cord Arc Etc.  All our courses are fully Accredited By Merseta.


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skills development consulting

Making sure that your organization is compliant with legal guidelines is a lot like walking a tight rope . Only one mistaken step could very well result in disaster .

Do you have any idea,- precisely what forms needs to be submitted whenever ?

Are all of your current documentation kept up to date with currently legislation ?

Are you completely compliant with the laws and regulations with regards to employment – the BCEA , the LRA , the EE Act , the Skills Development Act ?

That's the key reasons why most companies all through South Africa depend upon Skills Development facilitators like Swift Skills Academy to assist you to remain compliant ! Make contact with Swift Skills Academy as soon as possible . We'll take charge of your Human Resources area all while you pay attention to the enterprise of making  money !

Swift Skills Academy provides you with expert services as Independent Skills Development Facilitators , in so doing assisting business concerns to adhere to skills development legal guidelines for an absolute peace-of-mind .



soft skills training

When ever your employees possesses a great number of technical skills but an shortcoming of soft skills , you likely have a soft skills gap . Soft skills are what compliment the hard skills , and thus help your business exploit its technical expertise to maximum benefit .

If perhaps you're really great at attracting clientele , but not very good at retaining them , chances are good you have a soft skills gap .

If you have had lots of staff turnover while having to keep retraining many people , there is a good chance you have a soft skills gap .

When you have many bosses but no real leaders – that's a soft skills gap .

All of your employees will reap the benefits of training on 'soft skills' or simply the subtle art of managing himself or herself as well as others far better .


We school soft skills employing an impressive mix of scenarios , examples , assessments , and games .


Employees at all organizational levels reap the benefits of soft skills training programs . Conatct Swift Skills Academy for much more info or click below to get more info .


soft skills training

By law, all companies in South Africa with more than 20 employees are required to have official health and safety measures in place.


However, many businesses often lack the full knowledge and understanding of their legal responsibilities in this area or are unsure where to begin when it comes to implementing workplace safety measures..


Our fully accredited occupational health and safety training provide management and staff with an in-depth training and skills to ensure awareness with the necessary training


Negligence of Health and Safety laws can lead to serious impacts on the workplace itself and financial implications for companies can be very costly. Due to the rise and demand of health safety skills in the workplace.


Click Below to Learn more about what Swift Skills Academy has to offer.